WABI 5: Business is Booming at Nitro Trailers in Unity

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By Erica Stapleton

The team at Nitro Trailers is hard at work in the shop.

“Pretty much whatever you have to haul, we can build,” says owner Chad Dow.

What is a nine person crew now started out as a two person crew in May of last year.

“Bringing some more jobs as we go,” foreman Travis Smith explains.  “The more we grow, the more were going to hire.”

Dow says they build about 10-12 trailers per week – but what’s more notable than the quantity is the quality.

“A lot of people look at our product and really pay attention to how well they’re built. They look at the welds and how well the trailer’s constructed and it really means a lot to people now.”

“I think our craftsmanship is second to none,” Smith adds.  “We leave no detail out, go the extra mile to do what needs to be done and make sure everything is done to the highest quality as something we’d want to bring home ourselves.”

After trailers are completed, they’re sent to dealerships. Nitro Trailers works with 14 dealerships throughout the northeastern U.S. and Canada.

“When they go to buy something, they’re going to buy something that lasts and we feel that our product will last a lifetime really.”

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